"Make no mistake, regulation is a two way street. The “regulated” need not wait for the regulator’s reforms, though they will come. A strong and reinvigorated SEC will be on the beat like never before to catch wrongdoers."

Mary Shapiro, Chairmen SEC

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Automated Compliance Solutions

ACS Compliance Risk Management is designed to meet the unique needs of the financial services industry in the changing new regulatory environment. Configured around your policy manual and review and test procedures, ACS is easy to set up and easier to work with. The flexible structure allows you to add new and changing regulations and internal policies real time, keeping you ahead of the curve. ACS will help you:

  • Meet and exceed SEC compliance requirements
    • Eliminate errors of omission
    • Ensure your firm is audit-ready 24/7

  • Demonstrate superior operations capabilities and  compliance transparency to investors, consultants and clients
    • Retain existing investors
    • Raise more capital

  • Increase the productivity of your operations and compliance organizations
    • Effectively optimize limited resources
    • Reduce your costs

  • Configured to meet the compliance requirements for your businesses wherever you operate
    • SEC, FINRA, FSA  …
    • Internal corporate governance


ACS can help your firm...

Automated Compliance Solutions (ACS) is the financial service industry’s leading supplier of Compliance Risk Management solutions. Combining best compliance practices with sophisticated software, ACS is delivered as a web service. In the new era of regulation, ACS customers have the confidence that their compliance program exceeds the requirements and expectations of investors, customers and regulators. Managing compliance, risk and valuation processes with complete process documentation allows ACS clients to reduce the time and costs of compliance management and virtually eliminate errors of omission.

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