"Compliance infrastructure was ranked the third most important manager selection criterion, with nearly 50% of respondents citing it as "very important.""

SEI-Greenwich Associates Report, New Rules of Institutional Hedge Fund Investing, January 2010

ACS News

Automated Compliance Solutions Licenses Private Equity Model Compliance Manual from Armor Compliance

Automated Compliance Solutions (ACS), the leading provider of compliance risk management technology for investment advisers, has entered into a licensing agreement with Armor Compliance to integrate and distribute Armor's model compliance manual for private equity advisers...

Automated Compliance Solutions Announces Fast Track Regulatory Compliance Software for Unregistered Advisers

Automated Compliance Solutions (ACS), the industry leader in Compliance Risk Management software-as-a-service, has announced the introduction of Fast Track Compliance Risk Management for advisers to hedge funds and private equity firms that must register with the SEC under the Dodd-Frank Act.

Automated Compliance Solutions and Fusion Business Group Will Assist Investment Advisors in Meeting New SEC Compliance Requirements

Automated Compliance Solutions (ACS), the leader in compliance risk management software-as-a-service, today announced a joint marketing agreement with Fusion Business Group (Fusion), a provider of technology consulting and business level advisory services to alternative investment advisors.

ACS and Castile Compliance Partner to Meet Financial Industry Demand for Advanced Compliance Risk Management

Automated Compliance Solutions (ACS), the leader in compliance risk management software-as-a-service, today announced a partnership agreement with Castile Compliance Services, an innovative financial services regulatory solutions consulting group...

ACS White Paper: Compliance Risk Management

Bringing the Benefits of Automation to Investment Advisers Managing compliance risk using proven automation software services is providing well-managed investment advisers with a solid foundation on which to grow their firms. When allocating funds, investors and their consultants now insist that a firm ....

CompliancEX Hank Paulson More Regulation

Hank Paulson calls for tighter US financial reforms Mr. Paulson, who was chairman of Goldman Sachs prior to joining the Bush administration in 2006, believes that reforms currently on the table need to be widened to encompass not just banks but all financial institutions ....

Elders of Wall St. Favor More Regulation

Put aside for a moment the populist pressure to regulate banking and trading. Ask the elder statesmen of these industries — giants like George Soros, Nicholas F. Brady, John S. Reed, William H. Donaldson and John C. Bogle — where they stand on regulation, and they will bowl you over with their populism ....